A dying man’s wish: raising awareness about the dangers of sports gambling

Jason McGuigan was killed in June of 2003.  He was murdered after he failed to place a sports bet worth thousands.  The man charged with his killing hanged himself before the murder trial.  Since his murder, it’s been his father’s goal, Robert McGuigan, to raise awareness about the dangers of sports gambling.

In October of last year, I did an interview with Robert.  He lives in Wisconsin but he wanted to visit Decatur to do an on-camera for my story on him.  Then, plans changed.  Robert was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Within a couple of weeks of hearing the news, I did a phone interview with Robert.  I wanted to ensure I talked to him before his health started to rapidly decline.  In his dying days, Robert has launched a website (http://gamblingrpm.com) and created a video addressed to the President to inform him about the dangers of sports gambling (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGjRxWSovd0).

Robert has been sharing his story for years, and before his diagnosis, he had mapped out a tour of the country where he would speak to hundreds of schools and communities about sports gambling risks.  He could never do that.  Just recently I was informed that Robert’s health is rapidly deteriorating.  His days are numbered.  I have kept in touch with Robert and he has always been in high spirits, fighting each day not just for his health but to make right in his son’s wrongful death.  Please watch and share this video.  It’s all he ever wanted.


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