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Is it that hard to follow the rules?

I’ve always been a by-the-book kind of person. I follow the rules. Don’t get in trouble or need a talking to. I think my moral compass is set straight. I realize everyone isn’t like this. And that’s fine. Here’s what I’m not okay with: athletes who get a pass when they do something wrong. Recent headlines provide cases on point that: Randy Gregory, a top 10 NFL prospect draft pick, failed a drug test and February’s NFL scouting combine. The Chicago Bears have signed Ray McDonald. He’s had several run-ins with the law including being arrested in a felony domestic violence case (later prosecutors said he would not be charged). Those are just a couple of the latest controversies. Let’s not even get into the chaos you can recall from last year’s NFL season. Regardless of who is getting caught or of what they’re being accused, there is no reason your name should be associated with abuse, drugs or violence. None. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong and were wrongfully accused, why are you even putting yourself in a situation where something like that could happen? That’s sports 101. You’re taught that in college. You represent your team and the university. Make good decisions. Be careful what you post online. You are a role model. You’ve heard it before, but we’re you listening? Sometimes professional athletes argue they are not role models. They should not be held to higher standards. Why? You are role models, and whether you like it or not, the job that pays you millions of dollars and allows you to have Rolls-Royces in your garage is the same job that makes you someone to whom children and adults look up. I’d like to say they can respect you, but that’s not always the case....

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In honor of “Throwback Thursday,” I thought I’d post the essay I wrote for my Medill application five years ago. I think it’s a question some journalists will always ask themselves. I, on the other hand, never have and never will. It is because of journalism school I am the journalist I am today. In the end, it’s like my mom always says: No one can take your education away from you. And that is why you can never put a price tag on it. See if you agree. The Internet. The race to be the first on the air. Getting the facts accurately to make a deadline in the age of digital journalism. I was all prepared to write an essay on this important ethical issue until I read a story in The Reader: “Is it safe to send your child to J-school?” At first, I thought the writer was talking about all of the risks we take just to get the story – like when I go rushing out into tornado-like weather in the middle of Missouri to report in the high winds of the destruction and the precautions others need to take. Or the time that I had to sleep overnight in a nearby hotel so I could make sure that I was at work first thing in the morning in the record-blizzard conditions. Or when I had to knock on doors when there were gun shots heard or a killer on the loose. No, that’s just part of the job. The writer was talking about is it ethical to even recommend to a young person consider journalism as a career in this economy, knowing they will come out of school with loans and earning about $20,000 a year. The writer also talks of how journalists...

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Let’s Dance

I went to my second NFL game ever yesterday.  And as we know with da Bears, we can’t always expect a happy ending.  Regardless, I still love going to any sporting event because they’re a fun experience. Going to a professional sporting event is not just about sitting back and watching your team battle to victory, it’s more than that.  The loud music, the drunken fans shouting obscenities at officials, the nachos doused in warm cheese and jalapeños creates the ultimate fan experience.  But as I watched the Bears fumble… I mean play… yesterday, I realized something was missing.  No, it wasn’t the receivers Jay Cutler couldn’t find in the second half, it was cheerleaders.  Where were the cheerleaders?  Here I am, a female in a stadium dominated by men, and I’m the one asking this question?  Something isn’t right.  As much as we embrace the gladiatorial nature of football, hasn’t this brute sport always included watching the cute, scantily clad cheerleaders on the sidelines?  When you think of football don’t you almost always think of cheerleaders? One of my favorite shows on television has been Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.  This reality TV show gives viewers a behind the scenes look at what it takes to become a Cowboys Cheerleader.  Quickly you learn the competitive nature of their career, the pressures of staying fit and keeping yourself presentable.  Sure, these may seem like trivial pressures in a world suffering from unemployment and natural disasters, but let’s be honest, in today’s society, this is what makes good TV.  With that said, I’m not saying the Bears need to start a reality TV show that recruits Bears Cheerleaders, but I will say, a show like this makes an interesting point.  Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders have become a sort of product,...

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