Taylor Swift is the real life Regina George

I used to hate Taylor Swift. I thought she tried too hard, was disingenuous.   She didn’t have the greatest voice, but she wrote her own music – and I respected that.

I’m more of a teeny bopper. Play me a top 40 hit and I’ll probably like it. When Swift changed her sound, I was in. Bad Blood? I’m all over it. Sure, it’s overplayed but still kind of catchy. And that video? A must watch. A bunch of celebrities together to create an award-winning music video? Pretty cool. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s also pretty stupid. Here’s why:

Since Swift has become one of the biggest, most successful artists of all time, she’s also started to abuse her fame. She’s a mean girl. Swift is the Regina George of celebrities.

Never have I ever seen such a clique among the stars. The Bad Blood music video identified the “in” crowd. Victoria Secret models, actresses, more models, more entertainers. She created a video that basically said if you’re not in this group, you’re not cool. Suddenly Gigi Hadid, her off and on again friend Selena Gomez and other girls whose names I don’t even know are people you want to know.

She has a different guest, sometimes multiple, at each of her concerts. If you didn’t make it on stage, or even worse, didn’t make it to her concert, go repent for your sins. Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

Swift preaches to have confidence, believe in yourself and be happy, yet she’s creating a clique that shows how insecure she is and how self-doubting she is making others. She is setting a standard: You should have tons of high-status friends and exclude people who are not like you or, God forbid, don’t like you. Surrounding yourself with people who love you is one of the best things you can do, BUT having a group of superficial friends that exclude other people is not what a confident, happy woman does.

My guess is Swift would argue, or say in a sweet, soft astonished tone, that she’s not excluding anyone. But by having a select group of girls you take pictures with on the VMA red carpet, I would beg to differ. And social media is making it worse. It’s a platform to show off why your cool friends are so fetch.

I don’t like to see Mean Girls playing out in real life. On Wednesdays, we don’t wear pink. You can sit with us. And yes, she does go here. No bad blood here.

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